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The Art of the Garnish

Whether it's a citrus twist lounging luxuriously on the rim of your glass, or a Sicilian olive performing a graceful backstroke in your Martini, garnishes are the understated stars that give your ready-to-pour cocktails that extra dash of pzazz… but what exactly is their role, and why do they matter?

Visual Appeal

Garnishes add an extra dimension of artistry to your cocktails. With the right garnish, your ready-to-pour cocktail goes from sip-able to ready for its close-up—strike a pose, darling!

Aromatic Enhancement

A garnish adds to the sensory allure of a cocktail, particularly when it comes to smell. The nose is a powerful contributor to our sense of taste, and the aroma of a garnish—be it the earthy hint of coffee beans or the vibrant citrus notes—can transform and elevate the taste experience of a bottled cocktail.

Flavour Modification

Certain garnishes can subtly tweak the cocktail's flavour profile. Whether it's the zest of a lemon peel over a Chamomile Martini or the sweet flesh of an orange wedge in a Jasmine Negroni, garnishes can add their own notes while harmonising the overall flavour.

Garnishing your Maybe Sammy Cocktails

So, how can you elevate your ready-to-pour cocktails with the right garnishes?

Jasmine Negroni Wedge of Orange: The bold, bitter profile of our Jasmine Negroni is beautifully counterbalanced by the bright, sweet citrus notes from a wedge of orange. As you sip your cocktail, the fruity aroma from the orange enhances the Jasmine Negroni's complexity, creating a more rounded, vibrant drink.

Chamomile Martini Lemon Peel: Lemon peel, when twisted or squeezed over our Chamomile Martini, releases essential oils that add a fresh citrusy note. This acts as a delightful contrast to the soothing chamomile, enhancing the drink's refreshing qualities and complementing its botanical profile.

Café Tropical Coffee Beans: The Café Tropical's rich coffee flavour is further emphasised by a garnish of coffee beans. These not only visually allude to the cocktail's main ingredient but also add a roasted, earthy aroma, creating a multi-sensory coffee experience in each sip.

Italian Dirty Martini Sicilian Olive: In an Italian Dirty Martini, a Sicilian olive garnish offers a hit of briny, salty flavour, providing balance to the cocktail's strong, bold notes. The olive also subtly infuses the cocktail with its essence over time, adding an extra layer of complexity.

Eucalyptus Gimlet Lemon Coin: For our Eucalyptus Gimlet, a lemon coin works wonders as a garnish. The citrus zing enhances the fresh, cooling eucalyptus in the cocktail, creating a symphony of flavours that's refreshing and invigorating.

Old Fashioned Citrus Zest: A zest of citrus, typically orange, provides a bright, fresh counterpoint to the rich, warming flavours of our Old Fashioned. As you twist the citrus peel over the drink, its oils spray onto the surface, adding a fragrant aroma that enriches every sip.

So, why not embrace your inner mixologist, garnish with gusto, and bring some extra flair to your next Maybe Sammy cocktail? After all, at Maybe Sammy, it's not just about the cocktail—it's about the whole spectacle.

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