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How Glassware Affects Your Drinking Experience

Choosing the right glass for your Maybe Sammy cocktail isn't rocket science. It's way more important. The right glass sets the tone, and boy, do we love setting the tone.

Aroma Focus

The design of a glass can direct the aromas of your cocktail to your nose, heightening your sensory experience. Narrow-rimmed glasses can concentrate these wonderful aromas, while wider-rimmed glasses allow them to spread and mingle with the air.

Taste Perception

The shape of a glass can influence how a cocktail tastes. Our tongues detect different flavours—sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami—more intensely in certain areas. The right glass can guide your cocktail to just the right spot, amplifying its delicious flavours.

Temperature Control

The design of glassware can help maintain the perfect temperature for your cocktail. Whether you prefer it ice-cold or slightly chilled, the right glass can make a difference. 

Selecting Glassware for your Maybe Sammy Cocktails

Jasmine Negroni, Café Tropical, Old Fashioned: These bold, robust cocktails are best served in a rocks glass. The sturdy, wide shape allows the vibrant flavours to shine and makes for easy sipping.

Eucalyptus Gimlet: Served in a coupe, this cocktail feels both classic and elegant. The coupe's curved shape helps to preserve the cocktail's temperature and aroma.

Chamomile Martini, Italian Dirty Martini: Enjoy these sophisticated drinks in a martini glass. The conical shape keeps the drink cold, concentrates the aroma, and showcases the crystal-clear quality of these martinis.

So, the next time you're pouring one of our Maybe Sammy cocktails, remember to give your drink the glass it deserves. After all, life is too short for great cocktails in lacklustre glasses! And don’t forget—keep your glasses chilled, or, ideally, frozen before you serve drinks in them.

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